Cari L. Snider
Legal Administrator


Cari joined our firm in August of 2011. She has over 15 years of legal experience. Prior to working in employment/labor law and criminal defense at Bobbitt Pinckard & Fields, APC, she served as a Legal Administrative Assistant in civil litigation and corporate law at two of the most respected firms in the region: Kirby Noonan Lance & Hoge, LLP and Seltzer Caplan McMahon & Vitek. She has also served as a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Trustee Administrator. She holds a Legal Secretarial Certificate from the American Business College.

As our firm's Legal Administrator, Cari is responsible for managing the firm’s administrative and financial functions, administering the firm's employee representation programs, as well as overseeing the support staff.

Cari grew up in Moab, Utah and relocated to San Diego in 1986.

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