Bobbitt Pinckard & Fields, A.P.C., is a law firm specializing in the representation of law enforcement personnel and law enforcement labor associations. We are located in San Diego County, California, with offices in the City of San Diego (8388 Vickers Street) and the City of Poway (13881 Danielson Street). In one form or another, we have been responding to the needs of law enforcement officers and their associations since 1984. The two primary practice areas of the firm include public sector labor law and individual legal defense. In the County of San Diego, the firm currently provides labor counsel to the Carlsbad POA, Coronado POA, El Cajon POA, Escondido POA, La Mesa POA, National City POA, Oceanside POA, San Diego Community College District POA, San Diego County Probation Officers’ Association, San Diego Harbor POA, San Diego POA, and San Diego Schools POA. Outside of San Diego County, we provide labor counsel to the Glendora POA, Monrovia POA, and Pomona PMA.

In matters of individual legal defense (often referred to as LDF or LDP representation), the firm represents clients from every law enforcement agency in the counties of San Diego and Imperial, including serving as the exclusive LDF attorneys for members of the San Diego Police Officers Association, San Diego County Probation Officers’ Association, and the San Diego Deputy Sheriffs’ Association. Through PORAC, we are LDF panel attorneys for the members of the labor associations represented by the firm, as well as the associations who subscribe to their legal defense plan. In addition to protecting the sworn members of police and sheriff associations, we provide exclusive LDF representation to the members of the Border Patrol Supervisors Association. The firm also provides individual representation on private retainers to members of the California Union of Safety Employees (CAUSE), the California Attorneys, Administrative Law Judges and Hearing Officers in State Employment (CASE) and the California Correctional Peace Officers Association (CCPOA).

On the labor front, our scope of representation includes collective bargaining, and all aspects of enforcing negotiated labor agreements through administrative and, if necessary, judicial proceedings. The scope of representation for individual defense cases includes the assignment of an attorney for all stages of an investigation, disciplinary action, administrative appeal, and if warranted, judicial review. The firm also represents individual law enforcement clients in course-and-scope criminal (and under certain circumstances, civil) defense.

The representation provided by this firm benefits from direct law enforcement influence. The founder of the firm and the current owner/managing partner both served as full-time sworn law enforcement officers (El Cajon Police Department and San Diego Police Department). The firm’s full-time investigator completed his career in law enforcement with the San Diego Police Department. The firm’s current owner/managing partner served as a management side attorney for many years thereby contributing to our ability of anticipating management’s perspective on many issues.

When we are not dealing with labor or LDF issues, the firm aggressively pursues legal actions to thwart the erosion of peace officer rights. Members of this firm have appeared before the State Legislature and other State officials to oppose legislation which would be harmful to peace officers’ privacy rights. We worked closely with PORAC to oppose legislation which would overturn the Supreme Court’s decision in Copley Press, Inc. v. Superior Court—a case which we successfully litigated to protect the confidentiality of peace officer personnel records. We initiated litigation in an effort to stop the Public Defender from compiling a database of personal and personnel information relating to individual peace officers. We worked closely with the District Attorney’s office in formulating a protocol for establishing a Brady list. We were also successful in litigation which we initiated in federal court to protect peace officer CCW rights granted under H.R. 218. The firm has successfully litigated several FLSA lawsuits against the federal government on behalf of over one thousand Border Patrol Supervisors and Detention Enforcement Officers. We have closely monitored the creation, development, and activities of the county’s civilian review boards and through our efforts we have guaranteed the right of all officers to appeal adverse findings by any civilian review board.

Bobbitt Pinckard & Fields, A.P.C. is committed to the vigorous and aggressive representation of the members of the law enforcement community. Our efforts have literally helped shape the legal landscape in the arena of peace officers’ rights. We know first hand the enormous challenges facing law enforcement officers today and we have the knowledge, experience and resources to protect officers with the same passion they possess for protecting the public.

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